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Wine Tasting Zagreb

Delve into the heart of Zagreb's wine culture through a wine tasting where the exquisite flavors of Croatian wines creates a backdrop of taste and tradition.
From: 55€/person

Experience the diversity of Croatia’s finest wines

Engage with knowledgeable sommeliers, uncovering the secrets of Zagreb’s wine culture

Delight in the atmosphere of Zagreb’s renowned wineries

Discover the rich history and traditions behind Croatian winemaking

Enjoy the perfect pairing of select wines with traditional Croatian delicacies

Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes that cradle Zagreb’s vineyards

Wine tasting Zagreb

Savor Zagreb's finest wine selections

Uncork the spirit of Croatian winemakingWine tasting Dvorni bar

Uncork the spirit of Croatian winemaking

Wine tasting Dvorni bar

Each glass, a story of Zagreb's heritage

croatian wine culture

Discover the heart of Croatian wine culture

Zagreb wineWine tasting Dvorni bar

Zagreb's finest wines await your discovery

sommelier in zagreb

Cheers to tradition in every pour

couple wine tasting

Explore the elegance of Croatian wines

Local snacks

A toast to Zagreb's winemaking mastery


Delight in the diversity of local wines

art of wineMG

Experience the art of wine in Zagreb

blind wine tasting

Join the celebration of Croatian flavors

Wine tasting Zagreb
Uncork the spirit of Croatian winemakingWine tasting Dvorni bar
Wine tasting Dvorni bar
croatian wine culture
Zagreb wineWine tasting Dvorni bar
sommelier in zagreb
couple wine tasting
Local snacks
art of wineMG
blind wine tasting

Included in price

Guided wine tasting

Professional guide

Local snacks


Other information

Booking is required to reserve your spot

Tasting is conducted in English

Small groups between 2-16 people

Contact us for private groups

Delve into the vibrant tapestry of Croatia’s winemaking heritage with our wine tasting experience in Zagreb, a journey that offers an in-depth exploration of Croatia’s winemaking heritage.

The scenery sets the stage for a wine tasting experience that’s both educational and enjoyable.

This tour is designed to connect you with the heart of Croatian wine culture, offering insights into the techniques, history, and people behind each glass.

Croatia, with its diverse climatic regions and rich soil varieties, has emerged as an enchanting wine destination, appealing to connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Its vineyards offer an array of unique and flavorful wines, reflecting the country’s deep winemaking traditions and innovative approaches.

What to expect?

Guided by an expert sommelier, you’ll sample a variety of wines, each distinct in flavor and story. This experience is about understanding the wine’s character, appreciating its complexity, and celebrating its diversity.

We’ll meet with passionate individuals who embody the true spirit of Zagreb’s wine culture. Your visit offers an unforgettable experience, allowing you to taste the region’s best wines in a cozy and welcoming setting.

The rich flavors of local snacks will perfectly complement the wines, creating a harmonious blend that elevates the entire experience.

Expect to taste a variety of wines, including local varieties that highlight the unique terroir and heritage of the region.

Join us in Zagreb

Whether you’re a novice or an aficionado, our tour offers something for everyone. Indulge in the vibrant social atmosphere, connect with fellow travelers, and revel in the bounty of nature.

Join us for wine tasting Zagreb where each sip is a celebration of tradition, passion, and the exquisite beauty of Croatian winemaking.

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A small team of dedicated and certified wine professionals will lead you through this delightful experience.


Sip on Croatia's finest wines, carefully selected for the ultimate tasting enjoyment.


Based in Croatia, we are working closely with local suppliers to provide you with a unique experience at the best possible price.


We have been operating since 2014 and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.
Experience Zagreb's wine culture through a guided tasting
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